Our Story

Hello there, I am so glad you are here and have shown interest into learning a little bit about Organic Ideology. I will tell you how Organic Ideology appeared in my life by telling you a little bit of my story. 

I grew up in a small village in South America, in tropical country called Brazil. During my infancy I learned to respect the nature and enjoy the different textures, smells and scents of each single plant or animal in this world has. 

A lot have passed since then. I worked hard as a Professional Designer, got married and had kids. At some point I started to search  for the same feelings I had as a child. One of the hardest things for me was  adapting to North American products. I was always searching for something more natural for my skin, trying to avoid the industrial products available nowadays.  

Suddenly, one day it hits me: my mom always told me how my grama used to produce soap and skin care for our family using natural ingredients only. Well, I decided to do the same. I wanted to bring back my infancy experience to home. I already knew how to produce soap using organic ingredients, using just what we can find in the nature. Now I have decided to share it with everybody and this is the reason I opened my shop. I aim to bring new scents and textures through a product that can bring to you a fresh and relaxing sensation. 


Welcome to the Organic Ideology family

Joana Borges